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Thank you so much for stopping by. My name is Chichi Kekeocha. I bought the domain name chichikekeocha.com, because I wanted a digital space where I can show off my creativity.

This blog is a personal blog and will feature a collection of various things that actually shows off my personality. My interests are fashion, beauty, travel and reflecting on life. As I am 5ft 10in, it makes sense for me to focus on clothes for women who are tall just like me. Any written articles on shoes will be targeting ladies with large size feet as well.

Furthermore, I have interests in travelling within the UK and aboard.  I will talk about places that I would love to visit, have visited, and my overall impression of the destination.  There’s also a section called OH LIFE. Here I talk about my life experiences both good and bad and lessons that I have learnt. It will take the form of story telling combined with fashion shoots and /or other visually appealing images.

I hope that by visiting this blog and becoming a regular reader, that you will be inspired to try out items that have been featured, or by reading about my life lessons, you will be motivated move out from your comfort zone and do something that will change your life for good.

I really appreciate you stopping by today.

Take Care,

Chichi Kekeocha

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