The Best Affordable Lip Scrubs


Best Affordable Lip Scrubs

I first got introduced to lip scrub about three years ago whilst out shopping at my local Body Shop store. And up to that point, I have never really thought that I need to have skincare regime solely for the lips. To be honest, when I am still trying to get a firm grip on my skincare routine namely face and body (excluding the lips), along came lip scrubs. Everywhere you look, there are many types of lip care product available for people to buy.

If you have ever doubted whether you really need to use a lip scrub, then try applying lipstick or any other type of lip based product to dry and chapped lips and let us see how your lips will end up looking. I can tell you that the products that you are trying to put on flaky lips will not sit well. And to be fair, your lips will become a focal point when you meet people for all the wrong reasons.

Another way of looking at lip scrubs is to consider it as lip exfoliators which remove dead layers of skin on the lips to reveals smooth and kissable looking skin.

Usually, most lip scrubs has a grainy texture to it  – which helps with the removable of the dead skin. Also the smell and taste of lip scrubs can vary from something minty to really sweet or in between.

In terms of application, it doesn’t take long. At the moment I have three different types of lip scrubs that I use.  In the summer month I use it at least once a week and in the winter months I use it at least twice or more in a week to help keep chapped lips at bay.

Best Affordable Lip Scrubs

Body Shop LipScuff

I simply apply it on my lips as if I’m putting on lipsticks. Then I use my finger and gently work the product on my lips. Afterwards, I use a slightly damped cotton pad to remove the product. If you never tried using a dry cotton pad will be fighting to get rid of the lip scrub and fluffs from the cotton pad off your lips. SO BE WARNED!

Best Affordable Lip Scrubs

Lush Bubble Gum Lip Scrub  and Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub

Lush Bubble Gum Lip Scrubs comes in four different flavours. My favourites among them are Mint Julips and Bubble Gum. The flavours are very strong and taste like an actual sweet. It has just the right amount of granules to give you a smooth looking lips.  It is indeed a very rich sugary mixture. And if you are feeling adventurous you can actually eat any excess left on your lips.

So what are your favourite best affordable lip scrubs? Do you prefer homemade lip scrub over shop bought? Please share your experience.

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