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A Colourful Waterproof Jacket


Tall Waterproof Jacket

 Sometimes in life, you don’t realise that you need a particular item until something happens to you. A few days back,  I was on a school run in the afternoon to pick the children up from school. The clouds were really dark grey in colour and the funny thing is that I had my umbrella in the car, yet I went ahead to pick the children without it. To be honest, I didn’t want to carry anything else apart from myself.

Halfway through walking in the woodlands, I felt constant drizzling of rain all over my body, going back to the car to get the umbrella meant that I could be late picking up the children. What was I supposed to do? I carried on. However, on our way back to the car, I was soaking wet. The good however was that the children were OK because they had water-repellant jacket except for mummy.

I now know that I need a waterproof jacket. Being a tall lady, I need something that will actually cover the whole of my arms and not just two third of it. Also because it gets so dark easily now in the UK as we are now experiencing autumn – I need something bright if possible. This is very important so that I could easily be seen by motorists if I happen to be on foot.

The tall waterproof rain coat featured above is available from Long Tall Sally.


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