My Favourite and Best Moistursing Body Butters of All Time




I love the autumn and winter seasons. Simply because it is the perfect time to eat more comfort food which the autumn season brings with it. I also love how the leaves change colour from green to yellow, to orange and brownish red or burgundy deep red.

When the kids visit the park around this time of the year, they tend to have more fun with leaves than any other seasons. For me personally, it is an opportunity to shop for new season’s fashionable and trendy items.

On the other hand, one thing that I despise about the autumn and winter seasons is that my skin feels drier. And this is made even worse when I have to wear thick winter tights to try and keep my legs warm. For those of us with dry skin, we can all relate to seeing how dry the skin has become at the end of the day when we finally remove the tights from our legs. For some of us, it is much more than dryness but rather the flakiness of the skin.

So in search, for the perfect body cream to help combat the dryness of the skin, I have gone through a lot of tubs of body butter from different brands and have come to the conclusion, that all body butter are not formulated equally.  My two favourites body butters are from BodyShop and Soap & Glory. I know that some people have various body cream for different seasons, however for me I use all the aforementioned creams all year round.


 My Favourite and Best Moistursing Body Butters of All Time

Shea Nourishing Body Butter 

Bodyshop has over 24 body butter to choose from ranging from classic to exotic to seasonal, there’s bound to be something to suit and cater for every taste. Having tried quite a few from various brands, one of my favourites of all time is the Shea Nourishing Body Butter 200 ml. It is so moisturising that even in the coldest of the season, your skin will not feel dry at all.  It is very rich and creamy in texture with a nutty scent to it. The smell of the body butter is so divine and it doesn’t feel sticky or greasy on the skin.


My Favourite and Best Moistursing Body Butters of All Time

The Righteous Butter

It was the name of the brand (Soap & Glory) that first attracted me to enquire more about their product range. And yet again, I was more interested in discovery what they have in their body cream range than anything else. I find their body butter range to be heavily scented which can be compared to a perfume. I am OK with that and I know this will not be to everyone’s taste but I love it. This body butter is very moisturising and it drys up very quickly.

Smoothie Star Body Lotion

The smell of this body lotion is like biscuits or some sort of sweet pastry. This is not surprising, considering that the main ingredients are almonds, cocoa, yoghurt, oat and honey.  The smell reminds me of cookie and vanilla. To be honest, you don’t really need to wear perfume with smoothie star body lotion on your body. Believe me when I say that the smell matches the performance. In terms of texture, it is most less solid out of all the three. But don’t let that fool you.


Are you a fan of body butters? If yes, which brand do you feel has the best body butters?

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