My Favourite Black Beauties

I heard so many of us make statements such as “I need to inject more colours into my dressing,” because variety is a spice of life. In reality, it is not always to possible to attain because black colour goes with everything. When I say everything, I mean everything. These are my favourite  black beauties that I am currently lusting after:

My Favourite Black Beauties

Marche Faux Fur Tote Bag

I love this bag because it is different, yes it’s still black but what sets it apart from other black tote bag is the plush faux-fur lining.

My Favourite Black Beauties

LTS Emilia Strappy High Heel

I have actually placed an order for this shoes in UK size 13. But still, I want to feature it there because it is black and is one of my favourite black beauties due to the multiple strap detailing. One question I always ask myself when buying shoes is this – would the style of shoe in question complement my feet or make them look worse. I have had to learn the hard way that not all shoes out here would suit me even if it is in my size.

 My Favourite Black Beauties

Leather Biker Jacket

Only God knows, how long I have had my eyes on leather biker jackets. I have seen both real and faux leather jackets, but for some reason, I keep wishing for the real thing. Overall, a real leather jacket does not come cheap.

 My Favourite Black Beauties

Leather Knee Boot

When you are blessed with long pins, every opportunity to show them off is always welcome. I bought a similar pair last year with block heels, which was an over the knee type of boot. This time around, I am looking for something with flat heels. I love the dual panelling effect of leather at the front and elastic fabric at the back.

My Favourite Black Beauties

The Prince Sunglasses in Matte Black

Before, I had always wondered why some people would still choose to wear sunglasses when driving during the cold season. I am aware that during summer sunglasses are needed because of the sun. Since passing my driving test many months back, I now know why. When driving during the day whether morning, afternoon or late in the evening, and the sun is out – most times you can hardly see anything even a few centimetres away from you. Except,  you have been in such situation, you will probably underestimate the difference wearing sunglasses at that moment can make to your driving. It is the difference of driving safely or having a road accident.

I started collecting different styles of sunglasses a few years back, and I am more than happy to add The Prince Sunglasses by Le Spec to my collection. I actually do owe a few of Le Spec eyewear already.

What are your favourite fashion items this season? Do leave your comments below.

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