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Say I’m Genuinely Sorry – Life Lesson


At different stages of our life, we have all failed to pull our weights when it really mattered. We have all failed in our various roles as a wife, husband, mother, mother in law, father, father in law, brother, sister, son, daughter, cousin, nephew, niece, uncle, aunt, grandmother, grandfather and the list goes on.

Also whether you are an employee or mother or father, a certain amount of input is expected from you in order to achieve positive output.

Say I’m Genuinely Sorry - Life Lesson

Ignoring The Warning Signs

Sometimes even when the warning lights are staring straight at my face, I have ignored those warnings. This was due to selfishness, arrogance, blind sighted, position, pride or simply being a foolish person. I personally have been in that situation in the past. At some point, my level of productivity started to slip.  I saw and knew that I am not as effective as I used to be,  should have been and could be, yet I ignored all the signs.

When it was brought to my attention, I felt so horrible inside. I knew what I had done. In life, you need to have that moment of almost about to lose what you have in order to appreciate it more. For some of us, that moment of realisation may not happen because it is too late and is gone forever.

However, if in that epiphany moment, you realised that they still chance to salvage that which you are about to lose, I personally feel that you should owe up. Please owe up and don’t allow pride to get in the way.  Because it shows your vulnerability side as a human which all have. Also no matter how strong we all try to project ourselves, we all have our weak areas. By owning up, you no longer feel like a prisoner or a caged fighter. Why must some of us humans feel we have to wait until they are about to get caught out before we finally own up? Well, I am not a physiologist, mind reader or counsellor to give a professional answer. I simply don’t know that answer to that question.  

Say I’m Genuinely Sorry - Life Lesson

Moving Forward

There’s no better judge than your conscience. When you have done something right or wrong you know. This is because you have your conscience that tells you exactly what you have done.  Don’t feel that saying these words (Say I’m Genuinely Sorry) from the bottom of your heart is a bad thing because it is not. Nobody knows tomorrow. It is a small world. The very person you are mistreating or cheating today could be the same very person whose key decision could impact your life tomorrow.

When I was in that situation, I had moments of reflection following on from our previous conversations. I send an email to apologise for my failings.

Have you ever being in such situation? What did you do wrong? Did you have a moment to reflect on the bad things you did? If yes, what did you do and what was the end result?

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