Best Matte Lip Balm


best matte lip balm

Lip balm is no longer what it use to be. In the beauty world today, there’s so much on offer and it would very hard not to find lip balm out there that really meet your needs. And it is now safe to say that the world of lip balm has since moved on from just relying on the good old vaseline into something much more sophisticated. There are lip balms with:

  1. SPF (sunscreen protection factor)
  2. Anti-aging properties
  3. Lip balms inspired by your favourite confectioneries, vegetables,  plants or drinks.

The lip balm market is so saturated with so many options to choose from. And a lot more are soon to enter the beauty market. All thanks to innovation.

If you don’t like lip gloss or lipstick but you would like the appearance of well looked after lips – then this matte lip balm is for you.  The thing with lip balm is that you can apply it on the go and not worry about lip definition. Or using a mirror to check that it’s being applied correctly. Unlike the glamorous older sisters  –  namely lipgloss and lipstick, you would definitely need to have a mirror whilst applying either or both of them.


best matte lip balm

Lip balm can go solo to help prevent dryness or act as a canvas for other lip products to follow.  My quest for the perfect lip balm began as soon I started using lip matte lipstick.  Up until that point, I have always accepted that lip balms were meant to be greasy and slippery.

My search for the perfect lip balm – led to the discovery of Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm with Honey by Nuxe Reve de Miel® – a French Skincare and Beauty company. At £9.50 per pot which is 15g, it is very pricey but a little goes a long way. This little pot will last at least 5 months.

Honey by Nuxe Reve de Miel,  gives a matte finish. The formulation consists of honey with high concentrations of oils such as shea butter, almond oil and precious plant oils. It delivers a very deep hydration and doesn’t require constant applications, unlike other lip balms. It can be worn alone. Reapplication would usually be about two times a day or longer depending on where you are. It is very light with a matte finish. It would complement any form of lip products such as matte lipstick, lipstick or lipgloss.

best matte lip balm

On few occasions,  I have just applied the Honey by Nuxe Reve de Miel on its own and went about my business. That’s how confident I am with using this product. It does deliver and I would happily repurchase it again. I would say that it is the best matte lip balm.

They are on sale at:

  1. Boots

  2. Feel Unique

  3. Marks and Spencer


Would spend so much money on the best matte lip balm? Do you even believe in using lip balm?

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