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Time To Start Thinking of Most Wanted Gifts for Her

Most people only think of giving gifts to their most cherished and loved ones on their Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas. For me, every single day is a special day because I am alive, I have hope, I have my family and more importantly I know that God is always there for me.

I love the art of giving gifts that are unexpected and the gift or gifts being is a true reflection of the receiver. In other words, a lot of thoughts has gone into picking out that gift or giftss that reflect the personality of the receiver.

The most wanted gift for him will soon follow, my focus today is on the ladies.

More Like An Accessory

These days every gadget that one seems to acquire, whether tablet or mobile phone has a built-in clock that tells you the time. Long gone are the days of buying watches to simply tell the time. Those the spend so much money buying expensive watches do so as part of status symbol – like Sean Connery wearing Rolex on his wrist when he starred in Dr.No.

You are gifting her this wrist watch because you want her to remember you every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week. To a friend, it means that just as time is treasure, your friendship has blossomed over time.

I really love these Michael Kor Watch because of the watch face colour – which is magenta. I don’t think I have never come across such colour on a face of a watch before. The colour does add a feminine touch to what would be described as another manly looking wrist watch.

Michael Kors Mini Parker Watch

Most Wanted Gifts For Her

Gym Wardrobe

It is no longer about putting on any tired looking clothes when you hit the gym. These days if you are serious about your gym life – whether you are keeping fit indoors and at the gym, you need to think about your gym wardrobe.

The person you have in mind likes all aspect of keeping fit and fashion- exercising, basically a gym buff. So a well thought out gym outfit that showcase who she really is will go down a treat. One of my favourite website to visit when looking for gym outfit is Carbon38.  I would describe it as a boutique online store for activewear, luxe sport and athleisure.

The prints on these legging and tank top are very vibrant. This will without a doubt reinforces her desire for 2017 – which is to become fitter. And who wouldn’t want to when you are wearing some serious graphic prints attire to the gym. There’s also the black and red version too.

Olimpiadas Tank by Carbon38 & Corrida Legging  by Carbon38

Most Wanted Gifts For Her

Laptop Case

Each morning you watch her push her notebook or laptop in her already overfilled tote bag. In your mind, you are wondering why can’t she just buy a laptop case? As a wonderful lover or friend that you are – you’ve already thought of buying her something special for Christmas. Why not just buy her a laptop case?

Marc Jacobs Double J Neoprene 15″ Commuter Case

Most Wanted Gifts For Her

For The Wanderlust

She has already made her list of places to travel to for 2017. Now is the time to start thinking of special item. This will always be a constant reminder of your presence in her life. I think I may have found that perfect item in the form of a luggage tag box. Whether she is checking in, unpacking or getting ready to return back home, each time she sets her eyes on these trio luggage tags it will always be a constant reminder of the love you have for her.

Metallic “Seek,” “Explore,” and “Discover” lettering.

Luggage Tag Box Set by Eccolo

Most Wanted Gifts For Her

So what gifts ideas have you been thinking of giving her this year?  Or are you the last minute gift buyer or gift card type of person?

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