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Pretty Party Shoes for 2016

Party Season Time = Pretty Party Shoes


All these shoes within their own right are outfit elevators. This is because within yourself, you already have the feeling that you can conquer the world, simply by owning a pair of these lovely gorgeous shoes on your feet. Each and every shoe has its own personality that would very well be a true reflection of the shoe buyer – whether you are the type, that likes simple and elegant looking shoes or you would only consider wearing shoes that command attentions – simply put, you want all eyes to be on you and your shoes.

Assuming money is no object; you can go further and change the story of your life by buying all 5 styles – if still available in your size.

Red Patent High Heel Shoes

Pretty Party Shoes

No longer will you be known as the lady in the red dress, rather you have morphed into the lady wearing the sexy red shoes.

Sculptural Peep Toe Heel

Pretty Party Shoes

Let’s forget about all manners of embellishment. Sometimes simplicity is all the accessory you need to turn ordinary shoes into stunning looking shoes. My favourite feature of the shoes is the high ankle design (sculpture) and will certainly cover all multitudes of sins. This design is part of the CURATD collection by Long Tall Sally.


Caged Strappy High Heels  

Pretty Party Shoes

I featured these shoes in my black beauties favourite – These shoes are to die for. WHY? Because of the caged style design. I can’t wear d’Orsay type of shoes because I have big ankles, so anything that wouldn’t put them on display is highly welcome in my shoe world.

The straps are not too thin or too thick, just the right size to give these shoes its unique look. And the clever thing is that each of the strappy comes with elasticated gusset, you don’t have to worry about making sure that your feet can fit into the shoes.

Powder Baby Blue Strappy Sandals

Pretty Party Shoes

If you like breaking shoe rules, then these shoes are for you. Though others might say things like “oh! It’s a wedding or bridal shoes”. Your response would be IT IS MY SHOE, MY RULE.


Stuart Weitzman Silver Sandals

Pretty Party Shoes

These sandals have so much going. First of all, the silvery mirror reflection. Secondly, you have the chunky heels as well as the platform heel. The design is not new, however, the silver colour reminds me of space, though it’s been described as tin glass, is very obvious to see why. These are well suited to the attention seekers. Most people tend to run away from platform heels, but the right pair can make walking so comfortable.

So what shoes would you be rocking during the party season? Is there any brand catering for women with large size feet that I have failed to mention?

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