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Velvet Shoes: Do You Love or Hate Them?


Apart from the Christmas trees and decorations, another way to tell it’s Christmas, is when  retailers start to bring out the rest of their Xmas collection and lo and behold –  there’s something velvety in the mix, be it velvet shoes, top, dress, trouser, skirt and the lists goes on.

I have never owned a pair velvet shoes and I don’t think I can see myself owning a piece in the first place. My problem with velvety shoes is that after a while, the material starts to rub off.This is why it is not something you can wear all the time and is not the type of fabric shoe polish could easily fix.

Even with all the adjectives attributed to velvet – royal, regal, luxurious and so on still doesn’t convince me that I need to have one. These velvety shoes are rich in colours

If however, you have caught the velvety bug and you are looking for high heels shoes in velvet is worth considering.

High Heel Velvet Shoes by Via Spiga


Velvet Shoes


Are you keen on velvet shoes? Or are you happy to give them a miss? Please comment below.

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