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Striped + Tall Jumper


There’s something magical about stripe jumpers. In my teenage years, I wouldn’t give striped jumpers a second look. This time around I seem to be looking and thinking of things differently with a lot more wisdom. Thank God for MATURITY.

Each time I set out to buy sweaters or jumpers as we call it there in the UK, I always stick to solid plain colours whether in dark or light. Where’s the fun in that? I wonder. For some reason, I want to just break out from my STYLE NORM of just buying singular colours by experimenting more with patterns and pairing each piece with a different texture. Nothing beats having a versatile piece that can work for an off-duty look just as pairing it with a pair of jeans or a more dressy look by belting it over your favourite skirt.

With striped jumpers, you can play and have fun with different colours. Be bold, turn up the glamour  –  just imagine them being styled with tassel or feather skirts. Remember, fashion is about individualism.


Tall Jumper with Crew Neck In Stripe

Tall Jumper

There are three almost identical colours on display, at least it’s better that single colour.


Tall Stripe Shimmer Merino Wool Sweater

Tall Jumper


This has to be one of the most colourful jumpers on here. Even with the outburst of colours, it still feels very playful. And to cap it all, it has the shimmer effect for the extra festive feeling. What’s not to like about this jumper?  Absolutely nothing.

Tall Stripe Cocoon Jumper

Tall Jumper

This is a cool looking nautical inspired jumper in navy blue and white. For those not wanting in your face type of jumper would like this design by Topshop.


Are you crazy about wearing tall jumpers with stripe design?

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