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Tall Wrap Belted Mac by Lavish Alice

Tall Wrap Belted Mac

There’s nothing like wearing a lightweight or thick coat that doesn’t look as if you are wearing a heavy sack. When fitted coat should really feel like a second skin, like something you could possibly live in it. When shopping for coats in general, regardless of the season, I totally ignore what trends forecast are saying. I simply look for something that I’m more than happy to bring out of my wardrobe each time. I also take into account the season that we are in.

Tall Wrap Belted Mac


Tall Wrap Belted Mac

Yes having that fashionable and trendy coat is good once a while and as a result, you shouldn’t really invest so much of your hard earned money purchasing such items. However, when it comes to buying an investment piece ( such as coat), it makes more sense to go after something that will serve the test of time (if budget permits) by becoming an investment purchase that has been thought of carefully.

The Lavish Alice Tall Wrap Belted Mac is one of those fashion pieces that can be dressed up or down and you will always look chic. It features piping trims with curved lapel. It also has split hems on both sides, functional pockets and belt.

This tall wrap mac is available in UK Sizes 6 to 16 in khaki colour only.

Tall Wrap Belted Mac by Lavish Alice Tall

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