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The Pretend Tourist – Places in UK to Visit in 2017

It’s so funny that someone can be living in a country, city or town, yet he or she has not really had the time to explore and discover what the place has to offer. I’m making this comment because I have been in that situation. I grew up in London and yet I cannot say that I have experienced most of the tourist attractions that London has to offer. How embarrassing is it that you are living in a place and yet you are not enjoying the full benefit the city has to offer.

During summer of 2016, the family went for a day cruise in London. As I listen to the guide describe certain places as the boat moved along, I was saying to myself – I didn’t know that such places existed. It was like I lived in London but only got to know limited places within my familiar surroundings. I never for once bother myself to venture out into the unknown.

The Pretend Tourist

As 2016 is coming to a close, I am already thinking of things I would like to achieve in 2017. One of them will be to travel within the UK a lot more. I know on some occasion, this might be subjected to weather conditions as well as taking into consideration the children’s schooling.

Whether I’m travelling to a remote corner of the world or exploring my own neighbourhood in Hertfordshire – I hope taking the time out to be aware of my surroundings would allow me to notice the unexpected details and as well as having a greater appreciation of the world.

These are the five places that I would love to visit in 2017. They are not in any particular order.



The Pretend Tourist


I have never thought of visiting Scotland until I watched a movie called Belle. The film is about a mixed race princess called Dido Elizabeth Belle who lived in Scone Palace in Perthshire. Whilst I never got to visit the palace during my first visit to Scotland, it is on my list of places to visit in 2017.

One striking feature I noticed whilst in Edinburgh City is how hilly it is, especially when looking very closely from the railway station. My ideal time to visit would be around summertime so that I also get to enjoy Edinburgh festival.




The Pretend Tourist


When I think of Cambridge, I consider it to be The Little Belgium and The Little Venice. It’s because there are more cyclists than cars (OK that’s a bit of an exaggeration). The point that I am trying to make is that a lot more people make use of their bicycle.  And if you can’t afford to visit Venice for whatever reason, you have the Bridge of Sighs at St John’s College as a consolation in a good way.

It’s not surprising why Clare Bridge in Cambridge is one of the most popular destinations for enjoying boat rides. Can you imagine taking a ride on a hot sunny day?




The Pretend Tourist

Aside from cornish pasty and clotted cream of which Cornwall are famous for, there are other reasons why this English county is worth visiting. One of them being the beautiful coastlines. As a place worth seeing, Cornwall is best described as a series beaches (like the Camel Estuary and Treyarnon Bay), harbours (such as Land’s End, Bedruthan Steps), cliffs and much more.

My preferred time to visit Cornwall is during the summer months. I have heard of Minack Theatre that sits on granite cliffs of Porthcurno, Cornwall. It is considered as one of the world’s most famous outdoor theatres. I would love for a chance to experience live play in an open theatre whilst soaking in the spectacular panoramic view.



The Pretend Tourist

Going on a beach holiday is good for relaxation, but I want my travels to be much more than that from now on. Looking at cookery books and wanting to enhance my cooking skills has been on my mind lately.  I want to be able to prepare top notch food in my own environment. So exploring cookery classes in different settings away from home would make the perfect weekend getaway.

The Pretend Tourist

The one that comes to mind is the Yorkshire Wolds Cookery School.



The Pretend Tourist

It might be famous for its Football Club and being the birthplace of The Beatles. However, there’s more to Liverpool that meets the eye. For example, the World Museum has amazing galleries that showcases earth history, ancient civilisations, planetarium and much more. The museum will surely keep one entertained as you soak in the impressive displays and temporary exhibitions.

Other famous tourist attraction includes the Liverpool Waterfront and Walker Art Gallery –  the perfect spot for those that love paintings, sculptures and decorative arts.

What travel adventures are you thinking of doing in 2017? Will you like me become ‘The Pretend Tourist’ when somewhere new within a known environment?    



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