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Statement Making Tall Tops That Will Transform Your Wardrobe

It’s true that simply applying lipstick, wearing a certain handbag, shoes, a basic top or a piece of jewellery can elevate an entire look. However, we often underestimate the power wearing statement-making tall tops, can have on your wardrobe regardless of whether you are tall, petite or in between. These tops are made for you to standout from the crowd rather than blend in.

The whole point of wearing trophy tall tops is to breakout from your established style habits of always wearing basic and simple tops. By so doing, you are putting life back into your closet and your look of course.

Tall Tops Designed For Tall Women

The Extra Ruffle Copper Blouse

Usually, you see ruffle designs either on the hem and sleeves or around the neck. This time, White Cove has chosen a different route by having ruffles on the sleeves, across the back and at the front like a bib style. It is different, so is the colour choice as well. Depending on your workplace rules when it comes to appropriate work wear, this can work as an office wear and much more.


Tall Tops Designed For Tall Women

Little Risque Sheer Floral Blouse

This is definitely for the after work hours. And because of how sheer the top is, you need to wear the right type of bra underneath. Alternatively, you could also wear a camisole with this blouse. This is the look I personally prefer than having your bra on display. What I love about this top, is the floral applique detailing seen at the front.




Tall Tops Designed For Tall Women


The Basic Shirt With Cute Embroidered Badges

The badges stop this conservative looking office shirt from being dull, by injecting some fun into it. And the good thing is that, even with the cute little badges, the shirt doesn’t look like it belongs to a child’s entertainer. The badges on the shirts are eye-catching and could possibly be a conversation starter – “Oh that’s a cute shirt you’ve got on. Where did you get it from?” Does your place of your work have a strict dress code from Mondays to Thursdays? If yes, that’s not a problem. On dress down Fridays, simply bring out your cute badges tall shirt and you are ready to start the weekend.


Tall Tops Designed For Tall Women

Pinstripe Blouse With Peplum Hem

A totally different and interesting concept of what could be achieved with a little bit of creativity. I see pinstripes as a conservative type of material commonly used in men’s tailoring – normally worn by men working in big corporations. Suits or blazers are not really my thing, I’ve always struggled with wearing them. I feel that they don’t look good on me as they do on others.

This blouse does have femininity vibe to it because of the peplum hem and the slightly folded detailing at the front. I also love the high neck and the overall loose-fitting. And because of that, I wouldn’t wear it with another loose fit trouser. Rather  I would go for slim fit trouser paired with high heels or thick leggings paired with knee-high boots. I always thought of pinstripes as having limited style options for women. However judging from this blouse, I was so wrong.



Tall Tops Designed For Tall Women

The Cold Shoulder Effect

One of the strongest trends,  I that I witnessed in knitwear is the cold shoulder effect. You either have everything else covered up except the shoulders or some parts of the outfit are exposed including the shoulder as well.

I love the quirkiness of this top because it combines a sweat top and basic striped shirt. This is then morphed into a unique piece that any trendy and style conscious women would love to wear. I love the relaxed fit of this top with the tie detail on each side of the shoulder. I am a big fan of the ‘off the shoulder’ or ‘cold shoulder’ style.



Tall Tops Designed For Tall Women

Beaded Striking Satin Blouse

As soon as I saw this top, immediately I remembered the famous ‘Balmain Studded Leather Jacket’. There’s no doubt that this is indeed a statement-making blouse, fit for those that love and breathe fashion. Without the beaded design, the blouse could easily look so ordinary. However, the beads make this top to look extra special, thereby giving it a party feel.

Whether you choose to wear this top with a pinafore type dress, short, skirt or trouser, the beaded design will give your look the extra OOMPH.



Tall Tops Designed For Tall Women

Poplin Stripe Shirt with Floral Embroidery

Still not conceived you can pull off wearing the cute badge office shirt? You might want to take a look at this matured and fun looking office shirt. It’s a poplin stripe shirt has cute and grown up looking meshed into one. The idea of having a dark colour floral design, against a backdrop of white and pastel colours helps to create a nice contrast which I love. I would like to see such design become a regular line and not a one-off style based on trends.

So what are your thoughts on these statement-making tall tops? Which of these tall tops do you see yourself wearing?  Are they other tall tops that you feel are worth mentioning? Do leave your comment below.


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