3 best face masks effective on acne prone skin

face masks effective on acne prone skin

My Journey

My first ever experience with face mask was in my teenage years. It was then that I started to unconsciously get into skincare. All because it was displayed at my local beauty store and I decided to give a try. To sum it up in a sentence, I was late getting into the beauty and makeup game. My usual port of call back then was Superdrug, simply because of the price range. Their products seem somehow affordable. Secondly the shopping experience was not so intimidating like going to some bigger departmental stores.

When I started using face mask in my teens, my skincare knowledge was zero. I was not aware that I must wash my face beforehand (was not into makeup then). I simply applied the mask straight onto my face and expected the magic to happen – which was an angelic looking face (wishful thinking). However, my real experience, after using the face mask was an extremely dried face and after several attempts, I felt that facial mask was not for me.


Skincare Education

Fast forward to some 20 + odd years later, my knowledge and perception of skincare products which still includes face mask has changed completely. The amount of information on skincare available online is so mind-boggling. Basically, even as a young person, you have no excuse in not doing your own little research before deciding whether to buy a product or not.  Though, let me point out to everyone very quickly, that skincare is much more than applying various facial products. Skincare is also all about the edible things that passes through your buccal cavity (mouth).

Following the sudden and uncontrollable outbreak of spots on my face that lasted for a good few years, I started looking at skincare products again. I was looking for something effective that I could use on my face. This time, the journey was more about educating myself (and still is) about my own skin and knowing which products works for me and the ones that doesn’t.  I have now rediscovered face mask again but in a different and much better light.

To deal with my skincare issues, I used various social media platforms to research on face masks which are effective on acne prone skin:

  • what are the popular face masks for acne prone skin?
  • which of the most raved about brand will be effective in treating my skin problems?
  • whether those popular products fit within my budget?

My Current Three Favourites Are:

face masks effective on acne prone skin

Flora Mare Beautiful Radiance Intensive Mask


This is from a German company which I discovered this whilst watching QVC Beauty UK.  This mask comes with an applicator brush.  When I first received the product, I wondered why I should use an applicator instead of my hand. When I watched the QVC video again, the brush is there as a stimulator. It’s because you are meant to use the brush to just apply a thin layer on the skin. According to the brand spokesperson, “the brush works as a massage and a stimulator for the skin as well. It is much more than a mask, it is an intensive anti-ageing treatment. Its formulation is based on marine products.”



Once applied on a cleansed face and neck, I left on for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse off with warm water. If you prefer, you can also use a cotton pad soaked in warm water. As it is intensive, I use it once or twice a week. Even after several uses, the jar still appears as if it hasn’t been used at all. Each jar is said to contain about 30 to 40 applications. It has a nice smell but I am unable to equate the smell to something that I’m familiar with. It doesn’t dry on the skin or in the jar because it is cream based. In the jar, the mask remains moist at all time even though the mask has clay in it.


The brush applicator?

The feel of the brush on the skin is very calming and very soft. I have used other clay based masks in the past and they can be very drying and tight on the skin. The danger of not using the brush applicator is that you could end up using more product than required. Please note that for hygiene reason, you need to wash the brush each time you use it.


Does It Work?

My experience of using this intensive mask is like going to the spa. And I think, it’s partly because of the brush applicator. The result is immediate even after one application, my face felt so smooth instantly. Using the product has helped in reducing the size of my pores. This intensive mask is suitable for all skin type.



face masks effective on acne prone skin

Mask of Magnaminty by Lush

This work as face and body mask

I didn’t know what to expect from this mask. However, I would say that out of the three beauty masks that I’m currently using, the mask of magnaminty from Lush is the thickest in texture. It has a very strong smell of peppermint. This is evident when you open the jar and on application.

The colour of the mask is green, that’s because of the chlorophyll powder in the formulation. There’s also honey included in the mask which acts as a natural preservative. Other fresh ingredients are: bentonite gel, kaolin, talc, aduki beans, glycerine, evening primrose seeds, peppermint oil, marigold oil, vanilla absolute, limonene and methylparaben.


I use the mask only on my face. This is because I find it a little bit crumbly. I apply a fair amount on my face and allow it to stay for about 5 to 10 minutes. After applying the mask on the skin, you will start to feel some tingling sensations. Also, if you allow the product to stay too long on the skin, it starts to crack and any slight smile or laughter will make your face to feel tight (so beware).

Does It Work?

It is very effective face mask to use and would require regular usage to see results. My skin feels very fresh after each use, like it is breathing which I attribute to the peppermint oil. Also, it doesn’t feel dry. I’m not so keen on the paste like texture (like glut use in tiling), but it is worth having in your beauty cupboard.


face masks effective on acne prone skin


Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask


My first impression of this mask is the similarity in colour with the mask of magnaminty.  The only difference is that the Body Shop tea tree mask is very smooth with no bits whatsoever. Once you open the jar, you can perceive tea tree oil – it’s very strong. Other ingredients are: menthol, tamanu oil and lemon tea tree oil.  


I do either of these two things –  I use the mask generously after I’ve cleansed or cleansed and
exfoliated my face and neck (depending on how much time I have). Once applied, it stays on for about 10-15 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water. You can feel the cooling effect of this mask, which I attribute to the menthol used in the formulation.

After pat drying my face, I follow up with serum and moisturiser. Surprisingly, even though this mask has clay in it, it doesn’t over dry or cause the face to feel tight.  

Does It Work?

Result for me wasn’t immediate. It took a while before I could see any difference on my skin. If you are looking for an instant result, then is face mask is not for you. To really combat acne and blemishes on the face, this mask must be part of your weekly skincare routine. One thing with this product is that there’s no extreme tightness of the skin even when the mask has stayed on longer.

face masks effective on acne prone skin

face masks effective on acne prone skin

face-masks-effective on acne prone skin


I do alternate between these beauty masks. And depending on how much time I have, I can use the product on my face for much longer or shorter. Things like reduction in my pores, acne and dark heads are some of the benefits that I have witnessed. The onslaught of daily outbreak of spots ( spots arrange in a queue underneath my skin waiting to appear) is a thing of the past. Apart from the odd one here and there, which are attributable to the time of the month.

I will be doing more updates on this in the future. I believe that skincare is a journey rather than a flash in the pan experiment. Through trial and error, you can find out what works for you the most and what doesn’t. I use either of these three masks after I have cleansed and exfoliated my skin.

So over to you guys, what has been your skincare rediscovery journey? Do share your experience below.

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