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You Need These 6 Graphics Tall T-Shirts Now

Some items of clothing may have had their day or time for a season. And every now and again, it goes through a revival with slight modification to bring the trend up to date. There’s been a surge of different online tribes on various social media platforms, (notably using #hashtags) all trying to get their points or views across. Such movement has filtered into the fashion world. I don’t see such rise in movement going anywhere anytime soon.

Some of the hashtags that are popular among tall women are:

#YouDontKnowMyInseam #IDontPlayBasketBall #PleaseMakeLongerJeans #YesMyParentsAreTall

#AreTheseShortsOrUnderwear  #TallWomen #TallAndStronger #TallTribe

When such words are taken off online and are printed on things like t-shirts, wristbands, mugs and much more, in a way it solidifies us as a community. Yes, some of us may only interact with these hashtags virtually, but it is good to know that there are people, that also share our core values and believe.

So, off I went and did a little digging and came across some cute tall graphic t-shirts featuring either texts (hashtags) or images. These are some of the coolest graphic t-shirts that will add fun to your spring and summer outfits. Wearing t-shirts are not limited to shorts, capris, jeans or leggings, other style options includes experimenting with dresses and skirts.

tall graphic t-shirts

Catch Me If You Can Tall T-Shirt

If you have that go-getter kind of attitude in you and want the world to know, this tall t-shirt is all yours. Also, I would add that it is a very motivational statement. It’s a loose fit top with reflective fluoro typographic print.

tall graphic t-shirts

You Don’t Know My Inseam Tall T-Shirt

I love this type of t-shirt (this is applicable to the tall tribe community) and it is a good way of letting people know your tribe both online and offline. As tall women, we can all relate to the struggles we face daily when shopping for tall trousers that can barely cover the ankles.


tall graphic t-shirts

Tall T-Shirt with Cutabout Colour Block Print

You are more of an image girl than a text girl. That’s OK. Look at this beautiful graphic style. You can transform this tall graphic t-shirt into a work appropriate outfit with the right style of trouser or skirt.

tall graphic t-shirts

Tall T-Shirt with Stripe Sequin Sleeve

Any sort of image or text on the front or back doesn’t appeal to you. For you, the focal points are on the sleeves and it must be covered in sequins. With a smart looking skirt or trouser and a pair of killer heels, you can transform this t-shirt into a sophisticated look.


tall graphic t-shirts

Tall T-Shirt With Cutabout Print And Stripe

You could easily have chosen one type of look (stripe or rock), but no you want to be a rebel and have the best of both world. You love stripe and rock theme at the same time. Team this with your most comfortable jeans and sneakers, that’s you done.


tall graphic t-shirts

Tall Smile Motif T-Shirt

People around you know that you love to smile including yourself, but that’s not enough. You want to let the world to know this part of you, too. Wear this smile t-shirt on a sunny day with cute sunnies, short including sandals and the world will become your oyster.

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Wearing Graphic T-Shirts

  1. The cool graphics adds interest to the overall look of the top.
  2. It causes people to look at what is written on the top. It might even become the source of a deep discussion. The discussion may lead to a long-lasting friendship. You Never Know.
  3. It denotes the idea of wanting to wear jewellery as the graphics now becomes your only ornament.
  4. It helps to give you a bit of a style edge.
  5. It’s not reserved for children only – (I Love Mummy or My Dad Is A Warrior).
  6. It’s versatile because they could be paired with shorts, skirts, trousers, joggers instantly giving you chic look with minimum effort.
  7. It has a vintage feel. They’re like a fine wine that only gets better with time. Even if you still have some retro t-shirts becoming to your mum, dad, uncle or aunt. Go and bring them out now (hope they’re still in good condition) and style them with your favourite pair of shoe. Automatically you become a trendsetter.

Whilst a certain piece of clothing may suddenly become popular, I can’t really recall anytime when graphics t-shirt wasn’t in fashion.

How do you feel about wearing tall graphic t-shirts at a more matured age? Do you feel confident to wear them or you feel that they belong to your childhood era?


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