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11 Tall Gym Essentials Every Tall Woman Needs To Have

The Tall Gym Essentials Wear

The month of March 2017 is almost coming to an end. To say “New Year New You,” is rather old. I’ve decided to go for lifestyle over a quick spur of the moment habits. The concept of ‘New You’ should be something done on a regular basis. We all start off with great enthusiasm, and after the first and second month, it looks as if it’s all going pear-shaped. And by the third month, well everything we had hoped for and planned has become non-existence.

I hope these gym wear designed with tall women in mind will also be one of the many reasons why you need to kick-start your fitness goals this year.


Our Tall Gym Rules

  • No more wearing of leggings that shows the shape and colour of your underwear.
  • No more wearing undersized gym top – unless your intention is to show off your washboard abdomen, please keep them at bay.


Tall Gym Essential

The Sculpt Leggings

First, you are at the gym to experience great work out and not to flash your underwear for others to see. Secondly, you don’t want to be wearing 100% cotton leggings to the gym. It’s because the constant rubbing of sweaty clothing against your skin will cause rash and irritation. You came to the gym to get fit and not to become sick – PLEASE REMEMBER THAT.

Therefore, I am recommending Asym Mesh Sonar Tight. The inseam of these tall leggings measure (Tall: 30.5″). One of my favourite features is the back-zipper pocket to put little things away like a car or house key. Other features include breathable CoolMax crotch gusset (this is vital) and it sits below the belly button. It’s mid-rise with tight leg compression type of fabric designed for gym/training, run, studio workouts.

One of the functions of gym leggings is to provide support, total coverage and confidence. READY. STEADY. GO


Slogan Tee With An Attitude

Whether you are doing low, medium or high impact workout, it’s good to surround yourself with positive energy either through written words placed on the wall, positive slogan on your top or the wordings of your favourite songs. As tall women, we always fight to get the right length in tops, dresses, trousers, leggings, shorts, shoes and much more.

A little bit of encouragement to make us tall ladies feel fabulous is much needed, and one of my favourite is the tall unisex t-shirt designed by The Tall Society called Tall and Fabulous.

This quirky t-shirt will not only put a smile on your face, but you will also feel cool wearing it.

For Smaller Breast – Brooks Elite Short Support Tank


For Larger Breast – Sonic Storm Moulded Sports Bra

Sports Bra

God knows how many times I have been to the gym and was confronted by angry looking breasts. Everything including the breast needs to be well contained. It is important that you invest in a good sports bra. Don’t deceive yourself by saying that you don’t need a sports bra because you are doing low impact exercise. Regardless of the type of intensity workout, you are engaged in; a good sports bra is needed to prevent sagging and other internal damages. So, you need a sports bra that will offer very little chest movement during a workout.

The only variation is that the type of compression bra for those with smaller breast will be different from those with larger breast.

Compression bras which flatten the breast are suitable for those that are flat chested (A to B cups). Whereas those sports bras with built in cups are suitable for those with larger breast regardless of how intense the exercise they are taking part in is.

Sports bra must feel secure, comfortable during a workout. It must also have a bit of lining to keep one’s modest from being on display.



Exercise Vest

A great all-rounder exercise vest. Because of its versatility. It is ideal for spinning class, yoga, treadmill and running. The ombre design and racerback make the top to look very stylish. I also forgot to mention that it’s made of breathable fabric making it very comfortable to wear.


This all-rounder jacket is ideal for running and walking out. It has reflective details and a zip back storage pocket.

If you prefer hooded jacket, then you might like this as well (though it’s not waterproof).

Running Jacket

During seasonal transitions, no one can predict the weather. If you are the sort of person that prefers working out in the open rather than getting stuck inside the gym, it ‘s nice to have an additional layer of warmth. This is necessary just in case of a sudden change in weather. More importantly, the ideal running jacket must be long enough to give the excellent coverage.


 Extra Long Exercise Mat

I can’t remember the number of times that I had being to an exercise class and was using an exercise mat that could barely contain my whole body. On different occasions, it could be my head, various parts of my arm or leg touching the concrete floor and I didn’t like it at all.

It’s for this reason that I am an advocate of the extra-long exercise mat. If you are doing a lot of floor based sessions, an exercise mat is needed.


tall gym essentials


Large Size Gym Trainers

Shopping for large size shoes as part of your gym wear wardrobe can be so annoying for us tall ladies.

Even retailers that specialise in large size shoes very often don’t offer a huge selection. Buying gym trainers from tall retailers have its advantage and disadvantage. Even though the size and style you wanted are available, they tend to run out very quickly. They always seem to underestimate the demand for fashionable large size gym trainers for tall women.

To avoid disappointment, I’ve noticed that it’s better to shop for men’s sports shoes designed for the gym. Also, men’s sports shoes are not as ugly as they once were (very clunky and cumbersome). They might not be as colourful as the women’s but are equally fashionable too and aesthetically pleasing.


Water Bottle

There’s no such thing as ‘water bottle for tall women.’ However, I decided to add it to the list of gym essentials because we all need to replenish all the lost fluid from the body. I have used all sort of water bottles from the basic to the coolest looking and what matters at the end of the day is the content which is water. I adore this design.


Sports Sock

Not many people put a lot of effort into choosing the right type of sports sock. You are not going for dinner (therefore no silk sock). You want a breathable sock that will soak up the sweats as you enjoy your workout session.



Owing a towel is a must and should be part of every gym buddy. When doing your workout, or having a rest between sessions – you sweat and that needs to be mopped up. A small towel is all you need to do the job (only a suggestion) if you want to have a bigger sheet, it’s your choice. The sheet must be kept clean at all time.


Gym Bag

You don’t need an expensive bag and your regular handbag is not suitable (can easily pick up smell and is not odour resistant).  Large gym bag to hold all your gym belongings is all you need. 

Have I missed out any other tall gym essentials that tall women find useful and can’t do without? Are they any brands or retailers you feel that caters for tall women that I have failed to mentioned? Please your comment below.


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