6 Tech Gadgets That Women Will Love

I love tech gadgets. Though I wouldn’t describe myself as the nerdy type obsessed but the right gadget can make life a lot easier. My recent encounter with an app on my Samsung phone has reignited my love for all things tech (apps) to a whole new level. Since then any opportunity to look at useful gadgets or apps which are functional and fashionable have been occupying my pastimes.

Are you looking for something to buy for yourself? Have you been longing to show appreciation (via the gifting of technology) to someone that loves and appreciates fashion and technology? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

Items listed are functional and fashionable. And here are some of my favourites:

tech gadgets

Chic Looking Wireless Headphone by Urbanears

I once had my eye on the FRENDS headphones for a long time. But I never really got the chance of buying it which perhaps is a good thing. Now that wireless headphones have hit the market, I’m happy to go wireless all the way, as it means less dealing with tangled wires in my handbags or around the house.


tech gadgets

Phone Charger Bracelets by Q Designs

We’ve all been there. You are out and now your phone’s battery level is low. What do you do? Is either you go and use your phone charger in your car if you have one or you do without having to charge your phone until you get home. The good thing is that Q Designs have with a bracelet phone charger. It doubles up as a bracelet and as a charger –  it’s unisex so both men and women can wear it.

To use, simply open the bracelet at the hinge and this reveals a lighting connector. It works with most Apple iPhone models and can boost battery life by 50%.


tech gadgets

Mobile Charging Cable

If you didn’t like the idea of the bracelets charger or felt that it’s not available in your size, you can try this portable charger.  You can attach to your handbag as a key fob and charger.

tech gadgets

Both comes with a conceal connectors that charge and sync your mobile with any of the USB outlets.


Waterproof Speakers

tech gadgets

In the past, I’ve left the bathroom door slightly ajar, so that I could listen to my favourite music while I took my shower. I don’t like having speakers in the bathroom due to fear that the steam will ruin them. What a smart idea for someone to have invented a waterproof speaker.

A Bluetooth speaker with an enhanced bass. It’s compatible with Apple iPhones, Apple iPad, Apple iPod, iMac, Google Nexus, Nokia Lumia, Motorola, HTC and other Android Tablets.

It is suitable for shower, bath, swimming pool, beach, boat, fishing, marine or other outdoor activities. The Water Resistant Loud Speakers has a built-in mic for suitable for an indoor shower and outdoor hiking and camping.


tech gadgets

Star Wars Darth Vader Flash Drive

Want to show off your knowledge of all things star wars or you know a dead hard fan that will appreciate this flash/pen drive? The geeky and star wars fan out there will love this. It’s an ideal gift to buy.


tech gadgets

Lego-Like Universal Travel Adapter

Frequent travellers can relate to this dilemma – bringing the correct adapter for each travel.  And sometimes, when you do remember, the adapter that you bought along may not work in that country.

These 4 plugs in 1 adapter, has been designed to work in over 150 countries. It’s coloured coded, thereby making it easy to find which adapter will work in your chosen country.


Which gadgets are you in love with right now? Please comment below.


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