Large Size Shoes

Borrowed From The Boys

Women’s Sports Shoes Borrowed From The Boys

Until retailers start selling stylish sports shoes for women with large size feet, I will keep stealing mine from the men’s department.

So my fellow shoe addict readers, what is your shoe motto? When I say shoes as a generic term, it includes (sports shoes, party shoes, work shoes, everyday shoes, etc). However, for the sake of simplicity, I’m referring to sports shoes alone because this blog post is all about sports shoes taken from men’s department that us ladies with large size feet can comfortably wear.

If your ideal sports shoes consist of feminine colours such as pink, yellow, purple or all the pastel colours that you can think of, then this post is not for you. You certainly wouldn’t see sports shoes with motifs such as butterfly, love heart, broken hearts, cute looking cats or puppies. There’s nothing wrong with those type of shoes, is just that my focus is on beautiful, functional sports shoes that will appeal to women even though they are for men.

Let’s get started.

Running Shoes

Womens Sports Shoes


Adidas Mana Bounce 2

My first choice is by Adidas, made of highly breathable air mesh upper. I can see myself wearing these on my dress down days.

Training Shoes

Womens Sports Shoes

Vazee Quick v2 Trainer

They are suitable for various type of sporting activities such as kickboxing, weight lifting and aerobics, except for continuous running. That’s because running shoes are heavier and are ideal for forward movement only. Training shoes are designed to handle repeated actions such as jumping, changing to various positions.

Of all the colourways available, I like the electric blue with dark denim the most. It may not look like the sleekest trainers in the world, with its thick sole, synthetic/textile upper and breathable air mesh. If what you want is something lightweight to help you with your intensive workout, this is what you need.


Tennis Shoes


Womens Sports Shoes

Adidas Pop Art All Court Shoe Men

To the average person out there, it might sound odd even to think that there’s such thing as tennis shoes. You can only have such preconception either because you are not a fan of the sport and therefore you know little.

The frequent stopping, starting and sliding from the end of the court to another, means that a particular type of shoe is needed to handle such motions. The Adidas Barricade features abrasion resistant for extra protection when moving laterally. I like the array of colours on the shoes.



Golf Shoes


Womens Sports Shoes


It’s so funny the number of misconceptions that women have to deal with on a daily basis. If you are doing a survey on golf, and you ask people to name some of the best golf players in the world, hardly would they mention any female players. In the same stereotype mode, shoe manufacturers wouldn’t think of extending women’s golf shoes beyond size 8. It’s because they assumed that women tend not to have large size feet. Huh!

The advancement in technology has meant that golf shoes have also gone through the necessary transformation – to appeal to the younger generation. Rather than just having spiked shoes alone, now you have the option of choosing between spiked and non-spiked golf shoes.

Looking at a wide selection of golf shoes, one of my favourites has to be the BIOM HYBRID 2 by ECCO. I can see myself wearing these golf shoes, as a casual footwear even though I don’t play golf.

It’s not hard to understand why it’s described as Style Meets Performance by ECCO.

Instead of ‘COW HIDE’,  ECCO has chosen ‘YAK HIDE’. It’s because ‘YAK HIDE’ is more breathable compared to other leathers and lightweight for all day comfort.  All the shoes are treated with ‘HYDROMAX’ which makes them water repellent.

Football Shoes

Womens Sports Shoes

Adidas Indoor Football Trainers 

Everyone has their pet peeve, for me, it’s forever tying the shoe lace of my son during his football practice. So if as an adult you love to play but hate the idea of stopping in between match just to tie your laces and thereby holding up your fellow players, then these football boots by Adidas is for you. It’s called ACE Tango 17+ suitable for indoors playing. It’s described as a laceless primeknit upper with sock construction.


Outdoor Football

Womens Sports Shoes

Puma Outdoor Football Trainers 

I like the Puma evoPower Vigor 3 FG not only for its bright colourways, which are undoubtedly eye catching but also for its softness and flexibility without sacrificing on quality.



Boxing Boot

Hyper KO by Nike

If you are serious about boxing either as part of your lifestyle for keeping fit or as a professional boxer, you need to have boxing shoes. Don’t think you can get away by using athletic shoes designed for other sports to practice boxing; it’s a far flung dream.

Boxing involves a lot of bouncing around and for that, you need something that improves your comfort, mobility, speed and protects your ankles as you move from one side of the ring to another.

Hyper KO by Nike was released just in time of  2016 OLYMPICS IN RIO. I love the bright colours because it attracts one’s attention; I know what I said about pink earlier, but couldn’t help choosing these boxing shoes with a dash of pink at the back. The colour may not be for everyone – so in that case, you have the option of either the black or grey versions from Geezer Boxing.  



Basketball Shoes

Womens Sports Shoes

Jordan Extra Fly Basketball Shoes 

Just like golf, I don’t know of any famous basketball player who is a woman. Nonetheless, that’s not to say that they aren’t ladies with large size feet that loves to play at local club level or as a hobby. So with those girls or women in mind, I have searched high and low to discover these Red Black Nike Air Jordan shoes.

The contrast of black with red hues makes them even more appealing. Two of the main features that are worth mentioning are the air-sole unit for lightweight cushioning on hard landings and reinforced toe box for durability.

Cricket Shoes

womens sport shoes

Asics Gel 100 Not Out Cricket Shoes

The last time I played cricket was back in secondary school many years ago. I can’t even remember any of the rules. The only time I think of cricket is when I’m driving down the road and I see a sign pointing towards the local cricket club and during the cricket season.

A little bit of digging led to the discovering of the three disciplines found in cricket – batting, bowling and fielding. So you can either choose shoes depending on the discipline you fall into or the all-rounder shoes that’s suitable for all three disciplines.

Unless you have extra cash stash up somewhere; it is best to buy all rounder shoe designed to serve in any of the disciplines. If you are just starting out, why not consider the Asics Gel 100 Not Out Cricket Shoes.



Regardless of the sports you are into, some of the common factors that bind all sports shoes are support, durability and weight. It’s so easy to think that one type of shoes can serve in several sports – this is so further from the truth.

Running shoes cannot function as basketball shoes. Do you know the shape of your feet? Have you had any major operation? All these questions and much more are what you need to ask yourself before making that purchase.

Has this post inspired you? Are you going to take up that sport you’ve been putting off for so long? If yes, please comment below.

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