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Welcome to –  Chichi Kekeocha is married and a proud mother of three (two boys and a girl). The aim of this personal blog is to create a digital space for those who aspire as well as those who want to be inspired. In other words, I am a digital storyteller that likes to write about fashion, beauty, travel and life experiences in a way that will resonate with my audience. I do this through written posts, pictures, and videos.


From Hobby to Profession

Back in May 2008 whilst on maternity leave, I came across a shoe blog then called (no longer exist) owned by Shiny Media. I said to myself, I can create something similar with a focal point on women with large size feet as I happen to be one of them.  More importantly, I love nice shoes and I know the plights women with big feet experience when shopping for fashionable shoes. Within weeks, I had launched fashion shoe blog called (now defunct).

The blog was doing OK at the time until various google panda updates kicked one after the other.  Also at the time, the blogging scene was changing in terms of the need for quality content. It was becoming acceptable to have a blog that focuses on different things on one platform. It was also at that point that I came to the realization that there’s only so much you can talk about on shoes. I wanted to talk about other things, however, I felt pigeon-holed as my blog was all about shoes and nothing else.

I carried on writing contents for MyLovelyBigFeet until about December 2015. At this point, I was thinking of how to create a blog that is a true reflection of me and also be able to tell stories that I have learned in my life journey –  this is beyond talking about beautiful shoes. It took me a good few months to get to the point of knowing what I wanted to do. I have learned so much from the experience of owning and managing the old blog, that I wanted to create something better, fantastic, engaging, informative content. It was at this point that was created.

Some few facts about me:

    1. I believe in God
    2. I am married
    3. I’m 5ft 10.5
    4. My shoe size is between UK 11 – 12 and sometimes 13, please don’t ask why
    5. I’m very lousy when it comes to applying full blown makeup, can only manage with lip gloss, lipstick, mascara, powder, and blush. I am still learning the art of applying makeup.
    6. I’m an avid believer in good skincare both internally and externally

Finally, never in a million years, would I have considered myself as a writer. Out of my love for fashion, beauty, travel and much more – I here today sharing the things I care about to you.